Chemotherapy is given to cure a specific cancer or to control tumour growth when cure is not possible. It is also recommended for some cancer patients as an adjuvant treatment after surgery to reduce the risk of metastases or tumor recurrences, or before surgery to reduce the size of the tumour to render it operable. At the Chemotherapy Centre, chemotherapy is mainly given on an outpatient basis and patients can be discharged on the same day.
The brand-new Chemotherapy Centre is furnished with the latest equipment, fittings, decorations and fixtures, and is designed to ensure the privacy and comfort of our patients and their families. A key role of our experienced Oncology Nurses in the Centre is to counsel and educate our patients about the possible side effects of their treatment, in addition to delivering these therapies with care and efficiency. With rapid medical advances in recent years, many new chemotherapy drugs are available with higher efficacy and fewer side effects. Many of the newer drugs that we now use are better tolerated and/or more targeted at the cancer and spare the healthy tissues, which makes the experience of treatment more acceptable than in the past.