Surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for cancer. With a team of leading oncology surgeons of various disciplines, we provide the best surgical treatment available in Hong Kong.
High-quality cancer surgery is important for several reasons:
  • Surgery provides diagnostic (biopsy) tumour tissue, which allows pathologists to conduct special tests that predict the future behaviour of the disease and its likely response to different treatments;
  • Examination of the surgical specimens will also reveal the local extent of the disease in the body, which may in turn indicate the need for further treatments;
  • The adequacy and thoroughness of the surgery can help to minimize the risk of the cancer recurring within the same area of the body, and may even cure the disease.
Surgical techniques have improved dramatically in recent years. A major step forward has been the development of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) which is particularly applicable to gynaecological (pelvic), abdominal and chest operations. Because of the reduced surgical trauma, MIS patients can undergo a quicker postoperative recovery and hence be discharged from hospital much earlier. There is also the benefit of less postoperative discomfort, smaller surgical scars, reduced need for blood transfusion, and reduced chance of infection.