Psychological Support

Clinical health psychology service is now available to provide psychological support to cancer patients and families. A patients' support group was established in 2009 and met for the first time in 2009, in which Prof. Peter Lee, our Clinical & Health Psychologist, was invited as the guest speaker. The objective of the group is to offer information, advice and support to cancer patients and their carers, to promote patients' morale and mutual emotional support, and to share coping strategies through support group meetings.

Clinical Health Psychological Service for Cancer Patients and Their Families
“Cancer” scares people.  Once diagnosed with cancer, intense emotional reactions are common: shock, disbelief, denial, anxiety, fears, anger and depressed mood.

Having negative moods in face with cancer is normal and natural.  Dwelling in negative moods and living each day with constant thoughts of the threat and negative outcomes of cancer, however, would not do you any good.  Experience has shown that eventually almost everyone would be able to adjust, accept having the illness, and actively seek out effective treatment.

With the advent of more efficacious treatments, cancer has become much more treatable. There are now millions of cancer survivors around the world.  Despite inevitable pains and sufferings caused by cancer and its treatment, it is often helpful to expect them to pass, as with moments of weakness and feelings of failure or doom.  Many patients do continue to thrive and maintain a positive attitude and optimism through their journey to overcome the illness.  Some even find new strengths after difficult experiences of illness.  Negative emotions are better handled. A hopeful front, more adaptive efforts and positive actions in face with serious illnesses and invasive treatments are totally feasible.

The Comprehensive Oncology Centre of HKSH is happy to announce an integral treatment package for cancer patients combining the best of medical care with expert clinical health psychological inputs that aim at fostering better psychological health and enhancing resilience and adjustment to the demands of your illness and its treatment. 

Two Clinical & Health Psychologists are now available to enhance your psychological skills in dealing with the stresses of treatment and having cancer.  Their service would also involve building knowledge and positive attitudes to facilitate your adjustment to cancer and its illness. They are also available to help your family members cope with your illness and learn the most effective ways of helping to enhance your recovery and well-being.

From September 2011 onwards, monthly sharing and question-and-answer sessions will be held in the Comprehensive Oncology Centre by the Clinical & Health Psychologists. You and your family members are most welcomed to join.  Please contact the Comprehensive Oncology Centre for the details.  We sincerely hope that you can make use of these to help bring about a better treatment outcome, and nourished a life of meaning, love, joy and fulfillment.